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At Happyman Holidays we are a registered private limited company and since inception we extend red carpet to our clients to discover Kerala, Tamilnadu and other Asian destinations. We operate Inbound, Outbound, Domestic and Ayurveda holidays and strive hard to bring alive the legends, heritage, dream and stories behind every destination we handle.

Being a trusted 'tour operator in South India' we execute many regional tour operations roles to our best. As a 'Kerala Tour Operator' we sell popular 'Kerala Tours' presenting the beauty of God's own Country. As a 'Tamilnadu tour operator' we showcase the legends and legacy of Tamilnadu, the great Dravidian land. As a 'South India tour operator' we operate many inter-state 'South India tours' showing the charm of 'South India Hill stations', 'Kerala Backwaters', 'Kerala Houseboats', 'Tamilnadu temples' and more. For Global India Vistors we offer some exclusive 'Kerala Tour Packages' and 'South India tours'.

Our mission - We will enjoy the elated position of being the most Trusted and Respected tour operator in South India, who will always be useful to our clients, employees, associates and suppliers in pursuing their goals. We will achieve this consistently by delivering best of holiday experiences, by expanding product lines and by pursuing transparent policies, customer sensitive systems and right use of technology. Our immediate vision is to expand our market reach so as to be of useful service to as many clients as possible.

We value our good sleep at night and believe in having clear conscience at all times, thus below will be our guiding values at every level.

1. To get our customers the best in terms of products, competitive price, accurate information and a fantastic 'on tour experience'.

2, To be ethical, efficient and helpful at all times to earn the friendship of our clients and other stake holders

3. To follow simple working systems and to constantly innovate on our products lines, operation lines and service delivery methods

As we work to make you re-live the golden age of travel, rest assured that we are here to deliver the best of the holiday experiences and to showcase the real spirit of every destination you travel.

In this website we have listed some of the best Kerala Tours, South Indian Tours and Tamilnadu tour packages operating in famous tour circuits. As we enjoy the fascinating journey of being a friendly 'Kerala tour operator' and a leading 'South India tour Operator', we would love to work with you all. Would be thankful if you can please support us by sending us the enquiry for your next holiday.

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