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Presenting these famous South India tour packages and Kerala holiday packages for our clients from overseas countries. The prices are more local & services are far personal.

Every tour elements like Hotels, Sight Seeing, Transports are handled as prfered by International visitors. Pick the tour of your choice and send an enquiry. If desired we can modify & give even more unique tour at great price just for you. Good day!

For hundreds of years, the leading traders and rulers from Tamilnadu & Kerala have had unique connections with countries outside India. On one side the Dravidian Kings from Tamilnadu where spreading their imprints in Far east Asia mostly for trade, wealth and power. On the western front the powerful rulers and traders of Kerala were dealing with western countries for trade. People from these countries came for commerce, some for spices, some to rule, some to spread religion and some to colonize thus leaving behind lasting imprints in terms culture, cuisine, religion or architecture. All this have had its direct or indirect manifestations in terms of Kerala hill stations, Tamilnadu tourist places, Tamilnadu temples, Kerala backwaters, Kerala turist spots, Tamilnadu hill stations etc.

Today people from these countries come as tourists to witness the legacies of Dravidian Kings, appreciate the glorious past, experience the robust nature, enjoy the unique culture and immerse in the spirituality. Many visitors enjoy the imprints left behind by the British, French, Dutch, Portugese and other rulers. Added to this is the well spread Tamil and Kerala diaspora. We have observed that the passengers from legacy countries and South India diaspora have always followed unique choices in terms of tour elements like tour itinerary, tour durations, Hotels, sightseeing and even transports. Keeping this in mind we offer below Kerala holiday packages, South India tour and Tamilnadu tour packages for the passengers living outside India.

'Kerala holidays packages' for global passengers coming to India

Kerala for years have been playing host for tourists from many countries. They come in reconnect with their past, experience it's unique culture and experience the robust nature that Kerala has to offer. Keeping these passengers in mind we offer some of the unique Kerala tours, high selling Kerala trips and famous Kerala packages. For your next Kerala tour, pick any of the below 'Kerala holiday packages'

'Tamilnadu tour packages' & 'South India tour packgaes' for global clients visiting India

Tamilnadu or South India, the very name throws up the images of some fascinating temples, amazing Scupltures, timeless monuments and many South Indian hill stations. With it's friendly people, unique culture and ancienbt heritage, South India offer many captivating experiences. We offer below 'Tamilnadu tour packages' and 'South India tours' covering many tourist places in Kerala, Tamilnadu tourist places, temples in Tamilnadu, South India tourist Places and romantic 'hill stations in South India'. Just pick the trip of your desire, send us an enquiry and leave the rest to us

In   all the above packages we have ensured that you have plenty time to enjoy the local food, local transport, temple visits in Tamilnadu and enough photo-stops are made for your facebook and social media moments.

If you do not have time to read thr0ugh all the packages, simply mail us your requirement. We will choose your tour or tailor make one to deliver a memorable holiday just for you!

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